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Posted 10:29 am, 11/14/2018

Not a blue wave, but a wave of stupid is coming

Joseph T.

Posted 10:20 am, 11/14/2018

Jack it would appear that she/he is a picture perfect definition of a special kind of stupid. She is also following the Democrat way of when you can't beat the facts change the subject, deny, and make accusations.

Not one place anywhere did I say anything about trump that she claims I said. But she can't handle and deny the fact that a member of her own party said its ok to join isis and some how that make me a right wing nut job. She is just another example of the type of ignorant uneducated people that vote.

jack rip her

Posted 8:58 am, 11/14/2018

How do you confuse sex with her condoning the very existence of the tailband? You are one of those special kind of stupid aren't you?


Posted 12:22 am, 11/14/2018

@ Joseph T.

"By me, as an individual, if I want to go fight in the Taliban army, I go over there and I'm fighting for the Taliban. I'm saying that's a personal decision..."

FINALLY a hypocrite in action. I mean you Joseph T.

You and your ILK have been preaching that Trumps disrespecting women from his younger days should not count against him in the women hating world he lives in. Now you are saying everything in his past is okay to bring against him?

Or is it just the women that won the GOPher seat. <snickers> you dope.

right wing nut job your way out of that.


Posted 9:05 pm, 11/13/2018

@ TROLL Sarge

I prefer her over Jeff Flake or John McCain. Even if they did have to steal the election.

Saying it doesn't make it so...proof is required. not just rote repetition. in spite of what you and the Orange Tang think.


Posted 8:22 pm, 11/13/2018


Posted 7:21 pm, 11/13/2018

Oh, glitter, I am just so, so sorry! I want to do better, but I'm just a silly old woman that doesn't understand the rules. Please help me to be more like you!!!

Is it that he's a Republican that makes his homosexuality beyond reproach, or just that he's a man? Please help me to understand so that I can do better!


Posted 3:06 pm, 11/13/2018

Jimbojolly (view profile)

Posted 2:39 pm, 11/13/2018

We'll use it on you first.

Too bad they didn't use it on Jacks mama or daddy.


Posted 2:39 pm, 11/13/2018

We'll use it on you first.

jack rip her

Posted 1:54 pm, 11/13/2018

I'm in favor bringing back eugenics.


Posted 12:08 pm, 11/13/2018

There's some ignurnt people living in the greater Wilkes area that shouldn't be allowed to vote.

jack rip her

Posted 11:32 am, 11/13/2018

There are some ignorant SOB"s living and voting in Arizona.


Posted 11:29 am, 11/13/2018

jack rip her

Posted 11:25 am, 11/13/2018

She is a dangerous individual elected by idiots that wear blinders. She is about as American as the leader of Iran. Not to mention she will go both ways. She stands for nothing but is against everything. Can you liberal clowns understand any of that?
Thanks Joseph.!!

Joseph T.

Posted 10:06 am, 11/13/2018


"By me, as an individual, if I want to go fight in the Taliban army, I go over there and I'm fighting for the Taliban. I'm saying that's a personal decision..."

"Fine," Sinema interjected, "I don't care if you want to do that, go ahead."

And audio can be head hear.



Posted 9:53 am, 11/13/2018

Show us where she never said it !


Posted 9:50 am, 11/13/2018


jack rip her

Posted 9:46 am, 11/13/2018

I was hoping each of you were smart enough and informed enough to know that she stated that it was alright for American teens to join ISIS, and or the Taliban. She is about as stupid as Maxine.


Posted 7:38 am, 11/13/2018


Posted 7:25 am, 11/13/2018

Jackie, I think what Ump is trying to get you and your kind to inform the viewing world what anyones sexual orientation has to do with their ability to do a job.

Do we need to start a thread on sexual discrimination for you?

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